WIG IV - ONLINE Workshop - 26th July 11.00 - 12.30

Softness in our joints, ease in our steps and a clear sense of meeting ourselves as we are. In this Zoom based workshop, Penny will share some of her practice revolving around finding space and a grounded connection to support our movement choices in improvisation. In an increasing screen based world, we can often spend days imagining we are somewhere else - a tropical island, or in someone else’s house - and this time will be an opportunity to come back to where we actually are, and open up senses other than the visual to really be here.

Options to participate will include working with your camera on or off (or facing the ceiling!!) as the majority of the workshop will be led with verbal invitations. There will be time given towards the end for discussion in small groups.

This work is underpinned by Penny’s current studies on the MEd at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland where she is currently researching proprioception and its ability to support social interactions. And perhaps one day again, how a greater sense of proprioception could support choice making in touch-based interactions - like contact improvisation.

Photo credit - Moon

To book tickets send an email to Zoe at: icebergimprovisation@gmail.com

Participants are invited to contribute a minimum of £3/£5 per workshop. If you wish to participate and are unable to financially contribute, please email Zoe. Registration will close on Monday 13th July, 5pm. Workshops are limited to 28 participants, so please ensure that you book your place promptly.

This event is partially subsidised thanks to Creative Scotland.