Still from Lewis Landini - WIG II

'As a participant in the two public workshops, I enjoyed the playfulness of improvisation. Both Vonnegut and ICEBERG were very generous with their work and you could really feel how passionate they are about sharing the wonder of improvisation with people. We were all exploring together, with no right or wrong
answers which made the space relaxed and safe to be in. It was quite impressive to see 30+ people playing around together.'

- Sofie Andersen

'I used to play classical piano and whilst I still love playing, the way I was thought was very focussed on only playing what was written down in front of me. This weekend helped me step away from that rigidity and showed me to be brave and just play and use the instrument in new ways. So Sunday evening, I went home, sat down and just played. And it was no masterpiece but I now know that that’s absolutely fine.'

- Participant

'Both the team and the participants were so lovely and welcoming.
At no point did I feel like an outsider.'

- Participant